Overview of Issues - Case STudies & Cultural Competence


About this topic

Lanesha JohnsonWelcome to the Lanesha Johnson Case Study. This lesson will present concepts and issues related to social, emotional and cultural factors that influence adherence.

This lesson highlights the importance for providers to be aware of the social, emotional and cultural factors that may affect a family's ability to follow through on treatment recommendations. The center piece for this lesson is a case study involving a 12 year old African American girl, named Lanesha Johnson, who has poorly controlled asthma. This case study and the following learning activities will allow you as a practitioner to apply these factors to a real life situation.

What you will learn

After you complete this lesson you will be able to do the following:

  • Identify social, emotional and cultural factors that can influence Lanesha's medication nonadherence
  • Identify questions that one might ask Lanesha and her family to get a fuller picture of social, emotional and cultural factors that might affect their care
  • To develop possible interventions that one might try with the family, based on a fuller understanding of Lanesha and her family

Getting the most from this lesson

To learn the most from this lesson we recommend that you approach it in the following way:

  • Go through the lesson by using the side bar links. Proceed through the side bar items from top to bottom. Take the quiz last.
  • It would be a good idea to refer back to the “Core Concepts in Cultural Competence” introductory lesson on cultural competency when needed as you proceed through this lesson. This can be accessed by returning to the home page and selecting the Core Concepts in Cultural Competence lesson.


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